Are TPE and TPR cold resistant? How many degrees can TPE material withstand low temperature? Jiayang

Source:Dongguan Jiayang New Material Technology Co., Ltd  Time:2020-07-07  Keywords:穿戴级tpe,户外运动装备

Can TPE and TPR resist cold? In fact, TPE soft material produced by Jiayang company can withstand - 50 ℃ low temperature, which is suitable for diving equipment accessories, skiing equipment accessories (sheath), low temperature resistant hose and other products.

The real TPR material will not, its ambient temperature is - 40 ℃ to - 80 ℃, that is to say, as long as it does not exceed its limit value of - 40 ℃, it will not harden and become brittle.

The biggest problem of SBS and sis is that they are not heat resistant, and the service temperature can not exceed 80 ℃. At the same time, its strength and elongation, weather resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance and so on can not be compared with rubber.

Therefore, a series of performance improvements have been made in recent years in the United States and Europe. SEBS and SEPs with SBS and SIS saturated hydrogenation have appeared successively. SEBS (BR hydrogenation as soft segment) and SEPs (IR hydrogenation as soft segment) can greatly improve the impact strength, weather resistance and heat aging resistance.

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