The data line made of TPE material is safe, nontoxic and stable

Source:Dongguan Jiayang New Material Technology Co., Ltd  Time:2020-07-07  Keywords:TPE原料厂家,TPE包胶材料

PVC material used in the outer cover of data line is a kind of synthetic material. In the process of synthesis, a large number of additives, such as toxic plasticizer, are added. These substances will release toxic substances, which can cause irritation to human skin at light level, and cause no small damage to internal kidney and liver of human body. It is terrible to think about, and it is just an invisible killer.

In addition, the data cable made of unqualified PCV material will also release harmful substances to human body under high temperature and ultraviolet radiation. Long time use will affect health. I wonder if you have paid attention to it. Some data lines will smell a very obvious pungent smell, which often contains toxic substances This is why some European countries prohibit the use of PVC data lines.


So, don't we have a better choice? Of course, this is to use the new TPE material as the outer cover of the charging data line. In foreign countries, apple, Samsung and other well-known enterprises use TPE material for data lines. However, in China, as people's awareness of environmental protection and health is gradually enhanced, some domestic data line manufacturers have begun to select TPE material as the outer skin material of data lines, using the same TPE material as Apple's original data lines. It can be predicted that there will be more and more data lines in the future More and more enterprises turn to TPE.

TPE material data line: safe, non-toxic, stable performance

What are the advantages of TPE material for mobile data cable?

1. TPE material processing performance is superior, does not need special processing equipment, easy coloring, the most common market is white or light gray.

2. TPE made of data line feel smooth and non stick, can achieve frosted or delicate effect of the surface.

3. The aging resistance of wire rod can be improved and the service life can be prolonged by adjusting the formulation.

4. TPE raw material is safe and non-toxic, does not cause irritation to human skin, does not contain toxin agent, the best choice to replace PVC.

5. TPE data line has stable performance, halogen-free flame retardant V0, phosphorus free, ozone resistant, which plays a great role in safety and environmental protection.

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