Is TPE thermoplastic elastomer the first choice of toy materials? Jiayang is here to tell you

Source:Dongguan Jiayang New Material Technology Co., Ltd  Time:2020-07-06  Keywords:玩具tpe原料颗粒,环保tpe

Do you consider the material of the toy when you buy the toy or toy? Have you ever thought about the safety, environmental protection and health of this material? Environmental protection material TPE / TPR material selection requirements when making toys, the following Jiayang to small Science Popularization:

What are the health hazards of plastic toys?

These plastic toys are mixed with 2.5% cadmium in the production process, because they contain highly toxic substances. Once the baby sucks his fingers during or after playing, or catches something after washing, he will unconsciously take cadmium into the body and cause toxic reaction. Infants with chronic cadmium poisoning may suffer from weight loss, bone pain and dyspnea. In severe cases, it can cause kidney disease, liver disease, hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis and other diseases.

Maybe you think this is too exaggerated, but do you know how strict the foreign toy standards are?

Selection requirements: toys are safe and non-toxic. Products exported to Europe must meet the safety standards of EN71 toys. Through ISO, SGS, TUV, FDA and other related certification, it can reach RoHS, PAHs, reach and other international environmental certification standards. Therefore, TPE / TPR thermoplastic elastomer is the first choice for non-toxic, environmental protection and excellent processability.

Characteristics of TPE materials: TPE / TPR toys, based on SEBS and SBS, are a kind of polymer alloy materials with general plastic processing properties but rubber properties. They gradually replace traditional plastics and are the preferred materials for Chinese products to go abroad and export to Europe, America, Australia, Japan and other places.

TPE material has good touch and elasticity, color and hardness can be flexibly adjusted, environmental protection, halogen-free, non-toxic and tasteless; anti-skid and wear-resistant, dynamic fatigue resistance, excellent shock absorption, UV resistance, good ozone and chemical resistance; It can be recycled without drying during processing. It can be coated with PP, PE, PS, ABS, PC, PA and other substrates by double injection molding, or it can be molded separately. Use some silicone rubber instead of soft PVC.

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